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Pamela Olin
2023 Fellowship Award Recipient

Artist, Designer, Maker
(847) 209-0827

My art is all about transition. Life has changed in so many ways these past years, my work is evolving with me. Making connections is what drives me. The medium I choose to illustrate ideas changes based on how/what I want to communicate. The excitement of working in different media enhances the process.

Steel, for me, is a language. A song. A breath. We’ve been together for almost 30 years, we know each other well. My pleasure is taking a very man-made substance and creating organic, sometimes otherworldly, objects that encourage people to see differently. (Besides creating furniture & custom interior pieces)

Gesture painting is a favored activity for being loose and flowing. It allows me to see the natural patterns and rhythms of my body in action. I love the resulting texture as the layers build — run your fingers lightly over them and see!

My painted figure work strives to illustrate a state of being. The silver lines represent the energy that flows through and connects us all. Notice the embedded figures — our ancestors are always with us.

As an artist who works primarily in three dimensions, I am always looking for ways to make art more tangible — yes, please touch!

I am open to commissions, collaboration and connecting! Reach out!