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Traci Kegerreis
2022 Fellowship Award Recipient

Instagram: @art2oranges




I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with a dual concentration in Painting and Photography.

I moved to Sarasota in 2004 from St. John in U.S. Virgin Islands where I met my husband Bryan and we raised our daughter Maezie.

While living on St. John for 11 years, I painted custom murals, designed artwork for souvenir and clothing companies, and opened Syzygy gallery which is still an active gallery today. The Caribbean influence is often present in my work.

I have a thirst to learn and create with as many mediums as possible, especially after living on a tiny island where art materials were not available. Some of my favorite mediums are glass on glass mosaics, photography transfer, collage, soft pastel, and painting.

My current obsession is mixed media art and assemblage. This medium allows me to use all of my artistic discoveries and mediums in my expression. I am always striving to reuse or recycle materials and found objects.

My hope is with help from the Halo Fellowship award I will be able to create a solid body of work that combines all of the mediums I have spent so many years joyfully discovering.