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Manny Rangel
2021 Fellowship Award Recipient


Instagram: @mannyrangel_




Born in Coahuila, Mexico but raised in Sarasota, FL.  Manuel Alejandro Rangel immigrated with his parents in 1991 to the Unites States in search of the American dream.

He took to art at a very young age and was a part of the Visual Preforming Arts Program at both Booker Middle and Booker High School with hopes of eventually attending art school.

At this time, undocumented, reality hit and he came to learn that attaining grants and state tuition aid was not available to him due to his immigration status. Unfortunately, he would not be able to come up with the funds to attend a a university and would put an end to his pursuit of higher art education.

Discouraged, he took a leave from art and joined the construction work force but eventually found himself once again surrounded by Ringling College students who gave him the push back into creating.

His art now explores the psychological effects, quirks, and experiences of growing up as a Mexican Immigrant in Florida.