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Lucy Barber
2021, 2022 Fellowship Award Recipient

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The paintings and drawings of award-winning artist Lucy Barber have been exhibited in the United States and abroad, including Kouros Gallery in NYC, NY; The Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME; Art in Embassies at the American Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus; Lori Bookstein Gallery, NYC, NY; and Olson Larsen Galleries, West Des Moines, IA.

Barber’s work has been reviewed in notable press such as The New York Times, The New York Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, Art New England, among others. For her studio painting and drawing, Lucy has received numerous awards, including among others, two Pollock-Krasner Foundation grants.

An interview with Lucy discussing her work can be viewed at


“Ms Barber is a tonal painter who brings a rare sense of poetry to the act of depiction.” Maureen Mullarkey, The New York Sun Lucy Barber is a perceptual painter whose work has always been grounded in realism, though the seeing and painting and making art is very much an abstract process involving all the senses, experience, memory and imagination. Barber’s subjects are landscape, still life and some figure work. She works in oil for the paintings.

Early on, inspired by thinking that objects for still life were like figures on a stage, Lucy would imagine they were literally “alive” and so arranged them in corners of boxes for that purpose. What evolved over time out of this idea of objects being alive with energy is the idea of “presence ” that can be embodied in the stillness of things, including “sense of place” in landscape and the stillness of figures. This is deeply connected to Barber’s process of seeing.

Through the process of seeing it is important to understand where things are positioned relative to each other and relative to the space of the painting, because it’s all about relationships of one thing to another. This is a greater metaphor for what it means to be an artist and a human being, that everything is about relationship. Lucy Barber’s work is about that too, about transforming the experience of seeing and being in the world and letting that travel to the canvas using paint and color.

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