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Laine Nixon
2021, 2022 Fellowship Award Recipient



Growing up in Oklahoma, I found refuge in the magnificent sunsets and storms of the Great Plains. There I discovered my love of the purely aesthetic/abstract/wordless experience that I express through my artwork. I work in various media including acrylic, watercolor, and most recently colored markers. Focusing on color, pattern, and strict systems, the core aim is to find the balancing point between visual perception and the physical object — encouraging an oscillation between the two. It is this wavering, this movement back and forth, that takes me in and out of my own versions of “what is” and “what could be.” It is an homage to the bigger picture. For me, it is hope and possibility.

Laine Nixon is a visual artist based in Sarasota, FL. She earned a BFA in painting from the University of South Florida and a BS in mathematics from the University of Tennessee. She has participated in numerous regional exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at Gallery 221@HCC in 2017 and Alfstad & Contemporary in 2018. Nixon’s work was published in Studio Visit Magazine, Vol 29, and is in the collections of RBC Wealth Management, SRQ Media, and Hillsborough Community College. Development of her work has been supported by the 2016/17 John Ringling Towers Fund fellowship and a residency at the Hermitage Artist Retreat. She is a member of SARTQ, a Sarasota contemporary artist collective.