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Kim Anderson
2023 Fellowship Award Recipient

Through figurative and still-life painting traditions, my work engages with the codification of images, psychology of looking, and shifting boundaries between our physical and digital experiences. Household collections and ephemera including amateur photography, home movies and figurines are cast into new painted narratives evoking tensions between the personal, the commodity, seeing and being seen. Operating within divergent representational systems including still-life, 19th century cinematic antecedents, and found photographs, my paintings reflect on how images and objects are imbued with meaning, gain value, and become stratified within hierarchies of visual culture.

Raised between the San Francisco Bay Area and O`ahu I am an artist, a mother, and an arts educator residing in Bradenton, FL with my artist and educator husband, 9-year-old twins, and two cats. I received my MFA from University of Florida and BFA from California College of the Arts. Since 2004 I have served as an art professor at New College of Florida.