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Diana de Avila
2022 Fellowship Award Recipient


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Diana de Avila is an award-winning artist who has acquired savant syndrome and synesthesia. Her artistic gift arrived suddenly and explosively after a relapse of multiple sclerosis and worsening traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2017. These injuries drastically affected her vision and cognition and compelled her artistic emergence and the creation of a body of work numbering over 1200 pieces of digital art. She creates cosmic digital art rooted in fractal geometry, where quantum physics, chaos theory, and divine order converge. All this without any formal training. She has found her “tribe” within the artistic movement called Techspressionism, founded by Colin Goldberg. Diana creates digital art in both moving and still formats. She has found her largest collector  base within the world of Crypto Art and NFTs.

Diana is the subject and co-author of her new book Soldier, Sister, Savant, which shares the story of her artistic genius and samples of her art from 2017 to early 2021.