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Brenda Robinson
2020 Fellowship Award Recipient
 Instagram: brendakrobinson7
I am an intuitive, Mixed-media Figurative artist. Painting is my response to the messy middle of our color-filled world. My paintings begin with writings on the canvas, which can be blessings, prayers and/or intentions, things that I may not want to show, but that I can paint.
I am constantly searching for meaning  as I create. I want to tell the stories that bind us, the beauty of our likeness and not the mask we wear.
I paint stories that make our hearts sing. My art is described as inspiring, spiritual, emotional and it provides a portal that allows us to communicate with one another.
I am deeply drawn to the power of color, textures and shape. Spirit shapes the narrative of the painting. My part is to listen to the paint, and always be on the look out for the presence of wonder.