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Calling all Artists – 10 x 10 Canvas Application

This event has expired



Days Remaining to Participate

Participate, Paint, Create.

We will supply a 10” x 10” canvas. You may express yourself within the theme of “Angels for Art” anyway you choose, just get it on the canvas.

“A Prize of $1500 will go to one lucky Artist whose painting gathered the most donations.”

To participate fill out the application below.

All donated paintings along with your bio will be featured at the “Angels for Artists” Art Auction & Benefit Concert.

Space is limited for this great opportunity to get some great exposure and to help a wonderful cause.


    – Sign the front of your canvas and legibly print your name on the back.
    – All Paintings can be submitted at any time but no later than December 28, 2020.
    – Upon Completion of your 10” x 10” painting please email to arrange for drop off or pick up.
    – Complete the bio-statement with whatever you have to say about your painting, yourself or your work.