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Ashley Rivers
2023 Fellowship Award Recipient

Ashley Rivers is a Mixed Media Sculpture Artist and Curator primarily focused on creating unique works of art through inspiration from the earth, nature, her identity, and the body. With a background in ceramics and sculpture, her work is centered around finding beauty and acceptance within imperfections, and experimenting and connecting her work to the real world through the theme of Women. Ashley spent the majority of her life growing up in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida, and being raised by a single parent. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts, with a concentration in Ceramics/Sculpture, from the University of South Florida in Spring of 2021. She has intentions of progressing her body of work before continuing her education towards a Master in Fine Arts. She is a mixed-raced female artist who gravitates towards issues regarding femininity and the female body. Her work cultivates a range of mixed mediums and figurative imagery, and aims to embrace strength, beauty, and hope.